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Authentic cosmetics

Mild Exfoliant with Olive Tree

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Gentle exfoliant with micro-scrubbers of olive kernel, suitable even for the most sensitive skin. Removes dead cells and stimulates skin renewal.

Natural composition:


SKIN TYPES AND PROBLEMS rough elbows, hyperpigmentation, skin shedding, freckles, seborrhoea, widened pores, combination skin, normal skin, impure skin, Pimples

APPLICATION Apply a small quantity on your face, neck and neckline. Gently massage for a few minutes. Pay special attention to the T-zone. Rinse well. Finish the cleansing process with tonic application.

RESULT Thoroughly cleansed, fresh, velvety soft and radiant skin. Tightened pores.

Advice for health and beauty

"Treat your skin to a peeling to remove surface dead cells and allow your skin to breathe ""while allowing your cream for skin care to freely work. Dry skin: every 2 weeks. Normal and mixed skin: once a week. Oily skin: twice a week. Do not forget the neck and décolleté! For maximum skin regenerating effect apply mask after applying the exfoliant!"""

Mild Exfoliant with Olive TreeMild Exfoliant with Olive TreeMild Exfoliant with Olive Tree

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