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Acidosalus cream

I am interested whether Nikel Probiotic cream helps with puberty pimples; do you have any feedback from your clients and where could I obtain the cream in Zadar. Thank you.
Nikel Ascidosalus Cream also helps with festering pimples and acne. A probiotic contains bacreticines whose effect is similar to that of antibiotics. It decreases the secretion of sebum and calms and regenerates skin. However, for problematic acne skin care, I recommend the cleaning gel with hammamelis and AQUA Nikel Anti Acne Cream with tea tree. We send all Nikel products by cash on delivery.
Can a one and a half year old child use Nikel Probiotic cream?
Nikel Acidosalus Cream can be used for babies. However, I recommend that you first apply a thin layer of the cream on the inside of your baby's forearm. If the cream appears to be tolerable for the child, apply it gradually to other parts of the body and face.