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Authentic cosmetics

Alpine Rose Tonic

with Alpine Rose Stem Cells

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THE MOST RECENT ANTI-AGING PRODUCT FROM THE NIKEL TONIC ALPINE ROSE* COLLECTION A gold medal winner at the world innovative product exhibition, USA, 2012. INNOVATION A whole new approach to skin care Before applying your favourite skin care product (cream, elixir, concentrate or serum) on your face, neck and décolleté, apply the PLANT STEM CELLS TONIC. Applying plant stem cells every day before further care (in the morning and evening by pressing the spray pump once) will preserve the activity of the epidermal stem cells, restore the epidermis, retain moisture and protect the skin from external aging factors. For all skin types and for all ages. Especially important – use this tonic BEFORE APPLYING SPF PROTECTION PRODUCTS. Besides using Croatian climate herbs like in the real cosmetic anti-aging hit, the 100% natural Anti-Wrinkle Elixir with 12 herbs from the Croatian Mediterranean, THE MOST RECENT ANTI-AGING PRODUCT FROM THE NIKEL COLLECTION, Alpine Rose Tonic, has merged 4 of the most important properties for skin care and skin youthfulness: • deep hydration• regeneration (lifting effect)• vitality strengthening and • self-restoration of the most precious epidermal stem cells - DNA repair and delaying the aging process

Natural composition:

Alpine rose

Floral waters


SKIN TYPES AND PROBLEMS wrinkles, eye wrinkles, dehydrated skin, hyperpigmentation

APPLICATION Apply this tonic to your face, neck and décolleté in the morning and evening, on a cleansed face, by pressing the spray pump. Then apply your Elixir, Serum or Cream.

RESULT Restored epidermis. Full and supple skin radiating with freshness.

Advice for health and beauty

Did you know? Our skin´s most valuable cells are the epidermal stem cells. They are responsible for skin self-regeneration. As one ages, their number and efficiency decreases. Plant stem cells increase skin stem cells longevity, resulting in the reduced appearance of wrinkles. This beneficial tonic is compatible with any night or day care cream, and the results are visible as soon as several days after application. Do not forget to apply it before SPF creams in order to protect your skin from drying and damage. Instead of the Alpine Rose Tonic, you can use the Energising Tonic.

Alpine Rose TonicAlpine Rose TonicAlpine Rose Tonic

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