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Cellulite is an accumulation of gelatinous substances composed of fat, water and waste products in swollen, immovable pockets immediately under the skin. They act as a sponge that can absorb great amounts of water which is why cellulite is characterized by chronic oedema (fluid accumulation).

For best anti-cellulite effect, use oral Nikel products that have an "internal" effect on cellulite reduction. Use Fitocel herbal capsules (for vegans as well) simultaneously with a Nikel anti-cellulite product that is applied to the skin. Due to different stages of cellulite, Nikel products that apply to the skin are of various compositions. HARD CELLULITE Anti-Cellulite Concentrate Exceptionally effective concentrated hydrating cream with a beautiful scent! Not only does it reduce cellulite, but it also protects veins and capillaries from dilation. Available in large packaging (PROFESSIONAL). MILD CELLULITE Anti-Cellulite Oil with grapefruit. Rubbing this oil into your thighs and other affected areas prevents development of cellulite and softens existing changes. CELLULITE AND SHAPING Ivy Oil not only reduces cellulite but it also stimulates reduction of subcutaneous fat cells! It stimulates production of hyaluronic acid in the skin and visibly strengthens its firmness. Anti-Cellulite Gel with Ivy. If you like the light freshness of a gel, instead of Ivy Oil for body shaping and cellulite reduction, use this effective product. For maximum effect, first apply Ivy Oil followed by Anti-Cellulite Gel with Ivy. "

Some of the products for this condition and problem:

Anti-Cellulite Concentrate

Authentic cosmetics with Alga Spirulina, Caffeine, Carnitine and Grapefruit
Anti-Cellulite Oil

Authentic cosmetics with Grapefruit; 100 % natural, preservative free
Anti-Cellulite Gel

Authentic cosmetics with Ivy; for body shaping and cellulite reduction
Ivy Oil

Authentic cosmetics for body shaping and cellulite reduction; 100 % natural, preservative free