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Evening Primrose Oil

Authentic cosmetics for dehydrated skin; 100 % natural, preservative free

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Authentic cosmetics

Energising Tonic

with Plant Stem Cells

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"INNOVATION A whole new approach to skin care Before applying your favourite skin care product (cream, elixir, concentrate or serum) on your face, neck and décolleté, apply the PLANT STEM CELLS TONIC. Applying plant stem cells every day before further care (in the morning and evening by pressing the spray pump once) will preserve the activity of the epidermal stem cells, restore the epidermis, retain moisture and protect the skin from external aging factors. For all skin types and for all ages. Especially important – use this tonic BEFORE APPLYING SPF PROTECTION PRODUCTS. The Energising Tonic has merged 4 of the most important properties for skin care and skin youthfulness: hydration, regeneration, vitality strengthening and self-restoration of the most precious epidermal stem cells - DNA repair and delaying the aging process. """

Natural composition:

Floral waters



SKIN TYPES AND PROBLEMS normal skin, wrinkles, dehydrated skin

APPLICATION Beauty treatment fighting dehydration. Start your skin care with this tonic. Ideal for all skin types and for all ages. Protects the skin from external aging factors.

RESULT Refreshed, hydrated, protected, velvety skin.

Advice for health and beauty

Apply the tonic before applying creams, refresh yourself with it even during the day! Press the spray pump once - you can apply it even on make-up!

Energising TonicEnergising TonicEnergising Tonic

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