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Eye Cream

Authentic cosmetics with Chestnut

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Authentic cosmetics

Eye Oil

Anti-Wrinkle; 100 % natural, preservative free

10,00 €


In multiple ways, Eye Oil increases the effect of your cream, moisturises deeply, nourishes, softens wrinkles and fine lines, soothes. softens wrinkles and fine lines, postpones their appearance erases signs of fatigue rejuvenates increases effect of your cream

Natural composition:



Dog rose

Vitamin E

SKIN TYPES AND PROBLEMS eye wrinkles, swollen eyelids, dark circles

APPLICATION Apply several drops of this beneficial oil to your eye and lip areas before applying your cream.

RESULT Relaxed skin, softened wrinkles.

Advice for health and beauty

If your eyes are tired, gently apply around eye contours several drops of Nikel Eye Oil and then put on a compress soaked in Nikel Rose Tonic. Apply your cream after 10 minutes!

Eye OilEye OilEye Oil

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