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I spend much time in front of my computer. I am interested how to treat the eye area, asked our reader from Zagreb.
Dark circles caused by tiredness may be eliminated by putting lukewarm lime tee compresses on your eyes. The compresses should be put every day and left for 10-15 min.Tired and swollen eye lids can be refreshed by putting mild rosemary tea compresses. For best results, the compresses should be put in the evening before going to sleep. For muscles that have lost their tension and for wrinkles, compresses soaked with Nikel Rose Tonic will be very useful. Below the compresses, put on the area below eyes with first fine lines 3 drops of Nikel Eye Oil or avocado oil to which you added 2 drops of vitamin E. Sensitive eyes and tired, red or tearful eyes should be washed in the morning and evening, i.e. twice a day, with an infusion of eyebright herb. The infusion can be used as a lukewarm compress as well; after each of these treatments, apply Nikel Eye Oil and Nikel Eye Cream.