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Floral waters

Floral waters contain all the elements of the plants from which they are acquired.

Rose water, as well as rose itself, provides skin care, freshness and elasticity and returns moisture and tones. Chamomile plant water has a beneficial effect on all types of skin. It also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects and it soothes dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Orange tonic, like orange fruits, freshens and softens the skin. Lavender tonic, like lavender essence itself, stimulates, regenerates and soothes irritated skin.

Some of the products containing this natural ingredient:

Rose Tonic

Authentic cosmetics alcohol free; for normal and dry skin
Alpine Rose Tonic

Authentic cosmetics with Alpine Rose Stem Cells
Energising Tonic

Authentic cosmetics with Plant Stem Cells

Authentic cosmetics Natural Cosmetics Set