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Food supplements

I have been diagnosed with intestinal disorder – irritable colon, with 5 – 8 bowel movements daily. My doctor prescribed Rudacol. What kind of illness is that? Are there any other ways to help it? Asked a 65-year-old reader from Dalmatia.
Irritable colon is actually a functional disorder of motility (mobility) of intestines. It is a psychosomatic illness related not only with tension but also constitution, hard work and conditions after recovering from intestinal inflammation. Your should definitely follow the instructions given by your doctor. A supplemental therapy with medical herbs (phytoteraphy) and the right choice of food will contribute to faster healing and improvement of your general condition. In the case of chronic diarrhea, non-eating should be avoided due to the atrophy of the intestinal mucous membrane as well as because of possible malnutrition. The meals have to be simple, well cooked and easily digested. As an addition to your nutrition, I recommend the probiotic Acidosalus or symbiotic Reryzym plus. It will help the normalization of your intestinal flora, because it contains live, gastroresistent friendly bacteria belonging to the normal intestinal micro flora. From the vitamin supplements, it is recommended to take B-complex, which, when found in the intestines, induces the growth of friendly intestinal flora and helps your body eliminate excessive yeasts (Candida albicans); it also helps the liver to eliminate chemical by-products occurring during candidiasis. As for the herbs, it would be good to take on a daily basis the herbal mixture of lady’s mantle, oak, shepherd's purse and calendula combined with drops of Potentialla tormentilla. With regular meals, it is necessary to have adequate time for rest, body activity and distancing (if possible) from stressful situations.