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fragile capillaries

Blood vessels and capillaries represent a common and very big aesthetic problem, especially to women. The development of veins and capillaries is stimulated by genetics, oestrogens, contraception, pregnancy, prolonged standing, high heels, frequent exposure to the sun and tanning bed.

Nikel care with herbal extracts that stimulate circulation and with complexes for strengthening circulation and protection of veins and capillaries. For maximum improvement of vein and capillary state simultaneously use the products that have an "internal" and "external" effect respectively. Use Oral Fitocel herbal capsules with Gel for Veins and Capillary Protection by applying it to the skin several times a day. Use Oil for Circulation with rosemary for massaging. For facial care there is the extremely effective Cream with Parsley for day and night care and eye area care! "

Some of the products for this condition and problem:

Oil for Circulation and Capillaries

Authentic cosmetics with Rosemary; 100 % natural, preservative free