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Peeling – hand spots
Skin constantly renews itself. It constantly rejects dead, horny cells and replaces them with new, young cells. Numerous skin defects (spots, small scars) are actually situated in the very thin, upper epidermis layer. When the epidermis is removed, new young cells appear that were waiting under the upper layer. Thus the defects can be cured, even removed. More frequent removal of the upper layer of epidermis is called peeling. Hand spots. Potato peels are an excellent cure for hand spots that are especially visible after the summer months. Blend one boiled medium potato with juice of half a lemon and 1 teaspoon of glycerin. Apply this mixture daily to your hands, massaging in circles for at least 10 minutes. Hand shall have healthy color and shall become soft as velvet.
Which product from the Nikel line is recommended for anti-freckle effects?
Hyperpigmened patches that are caused by disturbed pigmentation or oxidative stress will be brightened after regular application of Nikel Anti-freckle cream with daisy.
Does Nikel anti-freckle cream with daisy entirely eliminate freckles?
If applied regularly, Nikel anti-freckle cream with daisy brightens freckles and hyperpigmented patches and balances skin colour. Protects skin from freckle development and harmful environmental influences and deeply hydrates and nurtures.
Does Nikel anti-freckle cream with daisy prevent freckle development?
Nikel anti-freckle cream with daisy protects skin from oxidative stress and freckle development. It prevents premature aging of skin cells, protects from harmful environmental effects and damaging UV rays. It has active anti-aging effects, deeply hydrates the skin, strengthens its elasticity and firmness.
Why should we apply anti-freckle serum with daisy before cream?
Nikel anti-freckle serum with daisy contains a high concentration of daisy flower extract, which intensely protects skin from freckle development and lightens already existing freckles. It reinforces the effect of cream on freckle brightening or elimination.
What is the effect of anti-freckle serum with daisy?
Nikel anti-freckle serum with daisy contains a high concentration of daisy flower extract. Through its antioxidative agency, the serum protects skin from products of natural metabolic processes and harmful environmental influences. It neutralizes oxidation effects of UV rays on proteins and lipids of cellular membranes, in this way preventing destructive damage that free radicals can cause to skin, including premature skin aging and freckle appearance. The serum intensely stimulates freckle whitening and reinforces the cream effect.
What is the effect of Nikel anti-freckle cream with daisy?
Nikel anti-freckle cream with daisy has proven (patent-protected) its powerful depigmentation effects: brightens hyperpigmented patches and prevents their development. It is used to lighten freckles and darkened patches. Through regular application, the skin obtains balanced colour and becomes deeply hydrated and protected from freckle appearance.
I suffer from sun hyperpigmentation (freckles), and I have tried many products up to now with no results. I wonder what is your experience with this problem.
Anti-freckle cream and serum with daisy extract have proven their powerful depigmentation effects: they brighten hyperpigmented patches and prevent their formation. Through regular application of the above products, freckles and dark patches become lighter and skin is provided with a balanced colour, care and protection from new freckle development.
What is the effect of daisy on freckles?
Daisy´s depigmentation effect is based on joint agency of:- tyrosinase inhibitory activity (enzyme responsible for melanin development) -reduction of tyrosinase synthesis (reduces formation of enzyme responsible for melanin development) -reduction of endothelin as a melanin-stimulating mediator. Extract of daisy flower contains bioactive molecules: saponine, polyphenol, flavonoid, polysaccharide and inulin. Because of these active components, daisy extract is widely used in fitomedicine for its antimicrobial, antifungal, antioxidative and neuroprotective effects. Daisy has a strong inhibitory effect on melanogenesis (process of melanin production), the discovery of which has been granted a patent. It blocks tyrosinase effect (enzyme responsible for melanin production), restores skin cells and lightens melanin in the epidermis. Reduces freckle intensity or completely eliminates freckles. Balances skin colour during pigmentation disorder (hyperpigmentation, sun freckles, age spots). In addition, it stimulates deep hydration and protects skin from oxidative stress.
What is melanin?
Melanin is the inherent skin pigment (substance that is produced within the skin providing its colour). The pigment colour can be yellow, brown or black, depending on the human race. Melanin has a protective function that is obvious from its position in live epidermal cells, where it accumulates above cores to protect them from radiation. There are two types of melanin pigmentation: Constitution skin colour (pigmentation that is genetically determined and develops without any sun influence), Induced skin colour develops after exposure to the sun or artificial UV and x-ray radiation, hormonal stimulation or after inflammatory processes on the skin.
Does “black” skin contain more melanocytes than white?
There is no difference in the total number of melanocytes between dark-skinned and white races, but melanocytes in the Negroid race are more productive and the pigment is coarser and darker.
How do freckles develop?
Melanocyte cells in the basal layer of the epidermis produce natural protective pigment – melanin under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Melanin protects active epidermis cells from harmful effects of UV rays. Over-exposure to the sun causes permanent damages to skin. It becomes dry and develops premature wrinkles, hyperpigmented patches and freckles. Hyperpigmentation can be caused by various reasons. Freckle colour becomes more pronounced when the skin is exposed to sun. Freckles and darkened skin "patches“ can appear during pregnancy, liver disease and as a result of application of some cosmetic products.
What causes the development of "age" ("liver") spots?
"Age" spots are inherited characteristics.
Can melanin development be controlled?
Melanin develops under the influence of tyrosinase enzyme. Tyrosinase inhibitors (substances that reduce this enzyme activity and at the same time reduce the amount of the produced melanin) are phenols (contained in daisies). Natural anti-freckle cream with daisy brightens freckles and reduces their intensity or completely eliminates them.
How do I use Nikel anti-freckle cream with daisy?
Nikel anti-freckle cream with daisy should be used as your regular cream for day and night care. It can be applied on skin parts with no freckles to prevent their appearance and provide skin with necessary moisture and vital substances for maintaining elasticity and firmness. For stronger protection and brightening effects, before cream apply several drops of Nikel anti-freckle serum with daisy. For night care, you can apply before cream several drops of concentrate for deep skin care like Nikel Primrose Oil, Nikel Wild Rose Oil or Nikel Anti-Wrinkle Elixir.
When can I expect the first effects of Nikel anti-freckle cream with daisy?
First results of freckle brightening will be visible in about a week's time.
To what should we pay special attention during treatment with Nikel anti-freckle cream with daisy?
Regularity of treatment is most important. To provide complete care for your skin, Nikel anti-freckle cream with daisy should be used daily (day and night care).
Protect your skin from freckle appearance. Important!
If your skin is prone to freckle appearance, protect it by applying UVA and UVB protection factor – summer and winter.