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Oil for Circulation and Capillaries

Authentic cosmetics with Rosemary; 100 % natural, preservative free

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Authentic cosmetics

Gel for Veins and Capillary Protection

with Chestnut

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If you suffer from varicose veins or broken capillaries, Gel for Veins and Capillary Protection with chestnut is the right solution. Rich in horse chestnut seed extract, it reduces damage to veins and capillaries, strengthens their walls and protects against oedema (swelling) and pain and cramps in calves. It has an anti-inflammatory, decongestive (against excessive fluid accumulation), astringent (causing contraction of tissue) and tonifying (refreshing) effect. varicose veins damaged capillaries pain, tiredness, feeling of weight and bad leg circulation provides feeling of lightness to heavy and tired legs

Natural composition:

American witch hazel


Horse chestnut


SKIN TYPES AND PROBLEMS circulation, veins, oedema, heavy legs, fragile capillaries

APPLICATION Once or several times a day, gently apply the gel in a thin layer from your feet upwards.

RESULT Strengthened vein and capillary elasticity. Pain relieved. Oedema reduced. Hydrated, soothed skin. Feeling of freshness and lightness.

Advice for health and beauty

Once a week, make a sage leaves bath for your legs. Simple, quick and very efficient help in fighting ankle swelling!

Gel for Veins and Capillary ProtectionGel for Veins and Capillary Protection

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