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hair ingrowths

Evolution did not predict removal of hairs from human skin by any other way, e.g. certain mechanical and chemical means, than the natural way (hair shedding). These lead to certain unwanted reactions one of them being ingrown hair. Hair ingrowths often cause redness and inflammation.

After depilation soothe your skin with Aloe Vera Gel so as to prevent inflammation. What men love is Nikel's line for men care! Mild foaming face gel with hamamelis provides freshness and prevents ingrown hair. Innovative non-foaming Perfect Shaving Balm enables perfect electrical shaving. After Shave Balm hydrates and soothes the skin.

Some of the products for this condition and problem:

Aloe Vera Gel

Authentic cosmetics with Chamomile; for skin soothing
After Shave Balm

Authentic cosmetics for men; 100 % Natural Hydration Complex