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After dyeing, my hair lost its shine; it looks tired, lifeless and straw-like. How can I help it?
Hair colours contain more than 20% active ingredients, of which the most known are hydrogen peroxide and ammoniac. Hydrogen peroxide is the source of active oxygen that destroys (burns) natural hair pigmentation, changing it by colour. This reaction takes place in the alkaline environment; therefore, the ammoniac is added. It is proven that hydrogen peroxide damages the hair already after the first application. The alkaline environment damages hair as well, making it thin and brittle. Due to the influence of hydrogen peroxide, the scales open on the hair and natural pigmentation is destroyed. Therefore I recommend to dye hair with natural colours, without peroxide and ammoniac. They do not lift the hair scales and do not change the natural structure or damage the natural pigmentation but wrap the colour around the hair. The natural colour does not destroy the hair but wraps it. The best known is henna. It has no harmful ingredients, and it ensures stability and shine to the hair. In case of dry hair, a bit of herbal oil (jojoba oil if possible) should be added. Natural hair colours (such as the French house J.F.Lazartigue) contain, besides henna, algae and other herbs. Since they do not have any ammoniac and peroxide, they do not destroy hair but wrap the colour around it, strengthen the hair and make it shine, and what is important– they completely cover the grays. However, it is not possible to turn dark hair into light hair with them+D5.
Hair - dry hair balm
NATURAL RECIPE FOR INSTANT HELP BEFORE WASHING. Warm oily treatment before washing is good for dry hair as well as for any other type of hair that lacks shine. Dry hair balm. One of the best cures for dry, lifeless hair, which is often the result of dyeing or stress, is cocoa butter. Rub a few spoons of cocoa butter deep into the hair and wrap it in a moist warm towel. The warmth gives energy that speeds up oil absorption into hair. After half an hour, wash your hair. After this treatment, hair will become extremely soft and shiny.
Hair – blond hair tint
After washing, rinse hair with the extract that you will make yourself: For shiny blond hair, put 100 g of chamomile in 1 l of boiling water. Boil until half of the liquid is evaporated. Use this extract to rinse hair every day. Your hair will have a shiny, blond glow after only 8 days.
Hair – conditioner for oily hair
NATURAL RECIPE FOR INSTANT HELP. Conditioner for oily hair. Apple vinegar is the best remedy for oily hair. Add 2 tablespoons of apple vinegar in 1 cup of water and rinse hair after washing. The hair will be less oily and will become bouncy and shiny.
Hair – conditioner for dry ends
NATURAL RECIPE FOR INSTANT HELP. Conditioner for straw like ends. Essential rosemary oil 20 drops. Essential sandalwood oil 20 drops. Rub the mixture of essential oils into hair ends. Essential oils are oil free and shall prevent dry hair from becoming straw like.
Hair – conditioner for all hair types
Plant conditioner for all hair types. Pour 3/4 l of boiling water over 1 tablespoon of selected plants (depending on the hair type). Let the plants sit in the water until cooled. Strain. Add one tablespoon of apple vinegar (for brighter hair, one tablespoon of lemon juice). Pour on the hair, massaging the scalp gradually until the whole solution is used.
Hair – tonic for root strengthening
Tonic for hair root strengthening. Pour ½ l boiling water over 3 tablespoons of thistle leaves. When cooled, strain. Use for scalp massage.
Hair – oil for dry hair
Natural recipe for instant help. BEFORE WASHING. Warm oil treatment before washing is good for dry hair and for other types of hair that lack shine. Oil for dry hair: ½ dl almond oil or sunflower oil, essential lavender oil 6 drops. Divide hair into locks and use cotton balls or tip of your fingers to apply the mixture on your scalp and along the whole hair length. Wrap your head with a warm, moist towel. After 15 minutes, wash your hair with mild shampoo.