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Hand Cream with Panthenol

5,30 €


Hand Cream with panthenol has a pleasant creamy texture and is rich in panthenol, which, besides hydrating, regenerates damaged areas by helping to heal cracks, wounds and small wounds. Repeated use whitens brown hyperpigmented spots and prevents their formation. Fingernails are strengthened as well. effective against freckles protects hands from UV rays and harmful environmental effects nourishes, hydrates protects skin from premature aging absorbs immediately with no greasy residue

Natural composition:

Shea butter




APPLICATION Rub the cream between your palms to warm it up and simultaneously massage your fingers, always from tip to base. This also nourishes nail cuticles.

RESULT Protected hands, soft and supple skin. Less visible freckles.

Advice for health and beauty

Keep this cream with you at all times, and use it every time you wash your hands. Regular application is very important for protection or recovery of your hands and freckle brightening!

Hand Cream with PanthenolHand Cream with Panthenol

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