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Hands - scented
Instant help for acquiring scented hands. To free your hands of: kitchen smell, rub in a few drops of apple vinegar or lemon, garlic smell, rub your hands with coffee residue, onion smell, rub your hands with fresh parsley, fish smell, rub your hands with raw potato or lemon juice
Hands - cracks
Bath for hand care: Add 2 tablespoons of chamomile tincture in 2 dl of warm water. Soak your hands in the bath for 5-10 minutes, mildly wipe with soft paper towel and then apply hand cream. This shall soothe cracks not only on your hands but also around nails.
Hands – brown spots
Brown spots treatment. Hyper pigmentation spots are caused by external factors like exposure to sun or internal ones like hormonal changes or certain types of drugs. If you want to prevent such changes to your skin, use hand creams with a declaration that they contain UV protection. Our grandmothers never threw away used lemon slices. They used to put them in a small bowl and use them to rub their hands. Not without a reason! Lemon juice is good care for the hands and it also bleaches spots. At the same time, it cleans nails and prevents the growth of cuticles. Thus every day, after you have washed your hands, rub a few drops of lemon juice and then apply Nikel hand cream. The results shall be astonishing! Ball pen or ink spots on your hands can be also removed with lemon juice. When peeling potatoes, your hands should be dry to avoid the dark color that might appear. Have moist hands when you clean vegetables and fruit, as they will remain clean by rubbing a little bit of lemon in.
Hands - dry
For very dry hands - treat them with an occasional oily bath. Warm olive oil and soak your hands in it, keep them in warm oily bath for several minutes and after that put on old cotton gloves to increase the curative and beneficial effects even during the night. Your hands and cuticles will be grateful! If you love your hands and you want to regain lost softness, rub them daily with massage glove from the fingertips toward your wrists, both sides. After that, nourish them with cream. Generally, occasional peeling of hands will have the same beneficial effect like the peeling that we occasionally perform on our face or body.