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Authentic cosmetics

Heel and Foot Repair Balm

with Shea Butter

10,00 €


Heel and Foot Repair Balm is a nourishing balm for heel and foot skin care. Heel and Foot Repair Balm cures dermatoses accompanied by extremely dry and scaly skin and improves its elasticity. softens heel and foot skin relieves verrucas and thickenings deeply nourishes and moisturises suitable for diabetic feet

Natural composition:

Shea butter

Sweet orange



SKIN TYPES AND PROBLEMS rough heels, rough elbows, verrucas and thickenings, diabetic's feet

APPLICATION You should apply it before going to sleep in a thin layer on clean dry feet, paying special attention to the area prone to developing verrucas and horny skin.

RESULT Soft feet, hydrated skin. Softened verrucas and thickenings.

Advice for health and beauty

A foot massage with this balm will restore your energy and provide a feeling of relief and relaxation to your toes!

Heel and Foot Repair BalmHeel and Foot Repair Balm

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