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Legs and feet

Sensitive feet
Have sensitive feet? Treat them with nourishing oils and creams. Diabetics have especially sensitive feet, thus everyday care is very important and it includes regular baths and treatment with extremely rich balms and also nutrition that will enhance body immunity and at the same time protect feet. Check the skin on your feet regularly. If you notice any wounds or anomalies, consult your physician.
Swollen ankles
Do your ankles swell? A simple and very efficient medicine is sage infusion, which diminishes ankle swelling. Pour 3 liters of boiling water over 100 g of sage. When the infusion cools to a comfortable temperature, soak your feet in it and keep them in this bath for 15 to 20 minutes. Gently wipe your feet and rub Nikel Gel with horse chestnut extract on them. As a diet supplement, I recommend Nikel Fitocel, product based on plant extract that helps lymph drainage.
Feet – exhausted
Your feet are tortured by too small shoes? Your big toes are swelling? Use arnica cream for treatment. Arnica stimulates circulation and soothes corns. It provides granulation and epithelization of damaged tissue. Relieves pain.
Feet that shed and itch
Are your feet shedding and itching? It might be athlete’s foot; check with your physician. It is a fungal infection that develops mostly under warm and moist conditions. It is easily transmitted in public places like swimming pools and gyms. Skin on the feet becomes dry, flaky and itchy. Skin may crack, allowing bacteria to enter. In such cases, seek a physician’s help. It is important to keep your feet dry – after visiting the above mentioned places, wash your feet thoroughly and dry them with a towel, especially between the toes. Bath for feet made of apple vinegar (3 tablespoon with 3 l warm water) will soothe the cracked skin. After bath, apply oil or cream containing tea-tree. (Tea-tree is one of the oldest medicines. Its medical characteristics come from a unique combination of efficient active ingredients for treating fungus, bacteria and viruses. There is no other plant or synthetic substance that has an affect on all the three).
Feet – dry and cracked
Skin on your feet is extremely hard (hyperkeratosis),dry and cracked? Treat them with Nikel Balm for feet and shea butter and urea. Urea acts as a chemical peeling – dead cells exfoliate more quickly and are replaced by young, healthy cells. Shea butter will deeply nourish your feet. Through regular use, your feet shall become surprisingly soft!
Feet – hard heels
Are your feet rough? For beautiful and soft feet, use baths. They will relax you and improve circulation and exchange of substances, remove toxins and they will also nourish your feet. Bath can be prepared by adding a spoon of rosemary, lavender and mallow into half liter of boiling water. Let plants sit for around 15 minutes, then strain and add tepid water and a few drops of jojoba oil. This light oil quickly and deeply penetrates skin (it contains myristate with anti-inflammatory effect), regulates skin moisture and provides elasticity. Soak your feet for at least fifteen minutes. After that, rub your feet with a rough towel and massage with Nikel oil for improving circulation that contains rosemary. Use it daily before sleep; your feet will become soft and smooth without horny parts. Regular use shall make your skin soft and smooth without horny parts.
Sweaty feet
Are your feet sweating? Once a week, prepare an oak tree bark bath. Everyday care with Nikel Gel for feet that contains American witch hazel and mint will help your sweaty feet to become dry. American witch hazel diminishes sweating and provides anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and refreshing effects. Mint cools and provides sense of freshness, lightness and health.
Sweaty feet1
Bath for treating sweaty feet. Sage leaves 50 g Tap water 3 dl. Preparation: Pour 3 dl of boiling water over chopped sage leaves, cover and let it sit for 10 minutes. Strain and pour the obtained liquid in a bowl with warm water (water volume – to soak your feet). Every day, before applying Nikel Gel for feet, soak your feet in bath for treating sweaty feet for 10 minutes. Bath is also used for sweaty palms (the same procedure) and for armpit sweating. Every evening and every morning, apply compress soaked in this solution to your armpits.