GIFT WITH A PURCHASE ABOVE 250 KN ● Rich Cream with Passion Flower ●
GIFT WITH A PURCHASE ABOVE 250 KN ● Rich Cream with Passion Flower ●



In the pharmaceutical industry, liposomes are used for transporting active substances to the target area


A natural system for transporting active ingredients, allowing for their selective and controlled release, improved penetration and greater efficiency by enabling them to reach targeted cells

Liposomes are used as vehicles for administrating drugs in medicine, and in skincare they are used for delivering active ingredients to the target area.

Liposomes are small particles composed of phospholipids. They have an aqueous cavity that can trap, protect and deliver water-soluble substances deep into the skin. This system is extremely effective in allowing plant extracts to penetrate the skin.

This ingredient can be found in the following products

Fairytale by NiKEL: NiKEL cream & Borboleta 229,90 kn
- +
50 ml cream + Borboleta braclet
Control 365 Insert Aqua Cream with Swiss Glacier Water 199,99 kn
- +
Recenzije (8)
Crystal clear Swiss glacier water for freshness, smoothness and perfect harmony with skin.
Control 365 Undo Age Cream with Snow Algae 199,99 kn
- +
Recenzije (9)
Snow alga – the key to skin longevity – protect and activates the longevity gene
Hyaluron+B+C Vitamin Energising mask 139,99 kn
- +
Recenzije (3)
Instantly restores radiance and fills skin cells with moisture to reveal energised, glowing skin.
Hyaluron+C+E+B Vitamin Serum 199,99 kn
- +
Recenzije (12)
Intensive revitalising serum for all skin types.
Hyaluron+A+E Vitamin Eye Balm 139,99 kn
- +
Recenzije (4)
A rich balm for the most intense effect on wrinkles and dryness of the eye area.
Hyaluron+C+E Vitamin Cream 179,99 kn
- +
Recenzije (11)
Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, which is important for maintaining a youthful appearance of the skin and delaying the signs of aging, such as wrinkles.
Hyaluron+A Vitamin Night Cream 179,99 kn
- +
Recenzije (7)
A rich and soothing cream for dry and very dry skin.
NiKEL PRIVÉ MB COMPLEX Cream 1360,00 kn
- +
Recenzije (2)
A heavenly cream for maximum effect and incredibly smooth skin.