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Oedema is the accumulation of excessive tissue fluid by more than 10% of its normal values. The immediate cause is the increased transfer of water and electrolytes from the plasma into the intercellular space and their reduced return to the blood flow.

Under "cellulite" you will see that cellulite is characterized by chronic oedema: fluid accumulation. Nikel anti-cellulite products are composed of plants that help eliminate excessive fluid. If ingested, Fitocel vegetarian dietary supplement containing horse chestnut seeds and Fucus alga will stimulate the elimination of excessive fluid. Gel for Veins and Capillary Protection with chestnut will help calm the oedema, sooth pains, feeling of heaviness and poor leg circulation. Oil for Circulation and Capillaries with rosemary is ideal for everyday care. Against oedema (bags) around the eyes Cream Lip and Eye Contour with chestnut or for intensive care Nikelhidris Eye Cream with orange and immortelle.

Some of the products for this condition and problem:


Authentic cosmetics Intensive Moisturising Eye Cream
Eye Cream

Authentic cosmetics with Chestnut
Oil for Circulation and Capillaries

Authentic cosmetics with Rosemary; 100 % natural, preservative free