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Authentic cosmetics

Oil for Circulation and Capillaries

with Rosemary; 100 % natural, preservative free

15,00 €


"Rosemary, ""prince of aromatic herbs"", antiseptic, anti-rheumatic, neurotonic, stimulus and cosmetic, became famous in the 14th century through the ""Queen of Hungary Water"". 100% natural almond, hazelnut and jojoba oils in combination with essences of rosemary, pine needles, lemon and lavender for fresh, elastic and smooth skin, feeling of lightness, freshness and health. stimulates blood circulation efficient with bad circulation, muscle pains, neuralgia strengthens capillary elasticity and prevents dilation provides feeling of lightness to heavy and tired legs leaves skin elastic and toned"

Natural composition:







Vitamin E

SKIN TYPES AND PROBLEMS arthritis, sore muscles, circulation, oedema, cold feet, fragile capillaries, heavy legs, veins

APPLICATION It is recommended for daily care and massage. Apply it all over your body paying special attention to feet and legs.

RESULT Fresh, elastic, smooth skin. Capillaries less visible. Feeling of lightness and health.

Advice for health and beauty

If you have poor circulation, use this beneficial oil for daily care of your whole body and massages.

Oil for Circulation and CapillariesOil for Circulation and CapillariesOil for Circulation and Capillaries

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