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Oily skin, Acne

I have problematic condition. I have pimples and acne in a few places (chin and above upper lip). Not much, but I don't like it! Also, my face is sensitive to cold and warmth and then the redness appears! What do you recommend?
First apply a few drops of Nikel Primrose Oil to your face, then apply Nikel Sensivital Cream. Sensivital Cream is a light, anti-stress, hydratant cream; therefore, you can apply it even to the parts with acne. To the areas of your chin and above your lips apply AcneTea S.O.S concentrate over Sensivital Cream.
I am 30. I work in a kindergarden. I often catch colds and respiratory infections. I have heard that Echinacea helps. What is it?
In case of frequent colds and exposure to infections, the most important thing is to strengthen your immune system. Echinacea will help as well as propolis, zinc and vitamin C. What is Echinacea? Echinacea angustifolia L. is a medical herb originating from America. The Indians used this herb as a medicine in case of snake bite and other skin damage. In case of toothache and sore throat, they put its root directly into the mouth. Today in Europe, its is one of most wanted medical herbs and at the same time one of the best explored ones. How does Echinacea work? Echinacea positively influences our immune system. Inuline, the main active component in the root of Echinacea, speeds up moving of white blood cells towards the place of infection, thereby accelerating destruction of bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms. Many researches show that Echinacea prevents creation of the enzyme hylauronidase that destroys the natural barrier between healthy tissue and undesirable pathogen organisms. In such a way, it helps protecting the organism from unwanted invasions, especially viral. When should it be taken? It is taken before the season of frequent infections and decreased defense ability of the body. If taken immediately with the first symptoms of cold, it will significantly diminish the symptoms and duration of cold and flu like infections. Can it be combined with vitamins or other medical preparations? Very frequent and very effective are combinations of Echinacea and zinc, vitamin C, propolis. It would be good to take as much fluid as possible (such as tea mixture of chamomile, elder, lime tree flowers). Important. The effectiveness is improved if taken before your meal. Processing can destroy many active components. A completely effective Echinacea preparation gives one’s tongue a tingling sensation.