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Probiotic Cream

Authentic cosmetics for the regeneration of damaged skin; The first Croatian probiotic cream
Evening Primrose Oil

Authentic cosmetics for dehydrated skin; 100 % natural, preservative free

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Authentic cosmetics

Omega Balm

for very dry and sensitive skin


" Balm for skin that ""cannot tolerate anything"", burns, heats up and is painful to the touch, balm rich in omega 3-6-9 unsaturated fatty acids. Due to its similarity with fats in our skins, these fats fully incorporate into the surface layers of the skin, replace their deficits and restore the epidermis. soothes, restores the epidermis restores ""shaken"" balance protects from harmful environmental effects "

Natural composition:




Common thyme

SKIN TYPES AND PROBLEMS allergy, atopy, cracked skin, psoriasis, damaged skin, redness, dermatitis

APPLICATION Intensive care for very dry, cracked, sensitive and irritated skin.

RESULT Restored epidermis. Soothed skin.

Advice for health and beauty

You can use it for daily skin or body care or only for dry parts of the skin. Suitable for children´s delicate skin.

Omega BalmOmega Balm

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