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Pimples are a skin inflammatory disease. Sebaceous glands found in each hair follicle produce sebum. If the sebum remains closed within the follicle, bacteria multiply leading to an inflammation.

Nikel anti-pimple care without drying skin. The first and most important step in treating pimples is cleansing: Face Wash Gel with hamamelis + Lavender Tonic. Apply to cleansed face Cream with tea-tree for day care, and for night care before applying the cream apply 2 drops of Evening Primrose oil - first apply the oil, then the cream. Two to three times a week exfoliate with Mild Exfoliant with olive tree. After exfoliation apply Hydrating Mask with orange. S.O.S. CARE = S.O.S. Concentrate with tea-tree CARE OF VERY INFLAMED AND DAMAGED SKIN = Probiotic Cream

Some of the products for this condition and problem:

Cream with Tea-Tree

Authentic cosmetics for combination and oily skin
Face Wash Gel

Authentic cosmetics with Hamamelis
Lavender Tonic

Authentic cosmetics alcohol free; for combination and oily skin
Evening Primrose Oil

Authentic cosmetics for dehydrated skin; 100 % natural, preservative free
Probiotic Cream

Authentic cosmetics for the regeneration of damaged skin; The first Croatian probiotic cream

Authentic cosmetics 100% natural preservative free