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Skin redness occurs due to widening of blood vessels and infiltration of blood in them under the influence of external factors or skin damage.

Nikel soothing care brings relief to sensitive skin prone to redness. Carefully selected herbal complexes restore the epidermis and protect it from harmful environmental effects. Cream with Parsley for everyday care. You can use it independently or together with Evening Primrose Oil. Omega Balm for very irritated skin. Aloe Vera Gel for soothing skin after depilation, with burns, sun allergies, insect bites or jellyfish stings. After Sun Oil with marigold for reducing redness caused by long-term exposure to the sun.

Some of the products for this condition and problem:

Evening Primrose Oil

Authentic cosmetics for dehydrated skin; 100 % natural, preservative free
Aloe Vera Gel

Authentic cosmetics with Chamomile; for skin soothing
Omega Balm

Authentic cosmetics for very dry and sensitive skin
After Shave Balm

Authentic cosmetics for men; 100 % Natural Hydration Complex
After Sun Oil

Authentic cosmetics with Marigold; 100 % natural, preservative free