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Authentic cosmetics

Rich Nourishing Cream with Immortelle

19,00 €


This scented cream is a real treat for your skin, because it perfectly nourishes, protects and rejuvenates the skin. Ideal for dry skin.

Natural composition:



Shea butter


Vitamin E

SKIN TYPES AND PROBLEMS dry skin, normal skin

APPLICATION Apply the cream to cleansed and washed skin. For better effect, before applying the cream, apply several drops of - Wild Rose Oil for dry skin - Anti-Wrinkle Elixir for skin needing intensive anti-wrinkle care

RESULT Deeply nourishes and moisturises, smooths wrinkles and makes your skin elastic, velvety soft and radiant.

Advice for health and beauty

Use this cream for night care to protect and nourish your skin. For better effect, apply Wild Rose Oil before applying the cream: apply 3 drops of oil on the palm of one hand, rub it with fingers of the other hand to warm it up. Breathe in the beneficial scent and apply to your face. You can do the same with Anti-Wrinkle Elixir for skin prone to wrinkles. These oils will allow the cream ingredients to enter into the deepest layers of your skin. Start your skin care with NiKEL Energising Tonic! Immortelle, a Mediterranean plant with exceptional anti-aging properties. Stimulates regeneration of damaged, wrinkled or scarred skin. Soothes irritated skin. Stimulates microcirculation. Neutralises the oxidative effect on proteins and lipids of cell membranes as well as the development of free radicals, which are an important factor in premature skin aging.

Rich Nourishing Cream with ImmortelleRich Nourishing Cream with ImmortelleRich Nourishing Cream with Immortelle

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