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Authentic cosmetics

Rose Bath 2u1

for face and body

11,00 €


 ECO mild gel for daily face and body hygiene. Natural formula that in touch with water becomes a light

foam and wraps up your body gently with a magical scent of rose petals. Herbal cleaning foundation 
and soap free formula protects skin's hydrolipidic layer from drying out thereby leaving it fresh and 
velvety soft. It removes excellent your make-up, doesn´t irritate the eyes and doesn´t tighten your skin. 
It is appropriate to all skin types, even sensitive child skin!

Natural composition:



Dog rose

SKIN TYPES AND PROBLEMS dehydrated skin, normal skin, sensitive skin, dry skin

APPLICATION Za svakodnevnu higijenu lica i tijela, nanjeti na vlažnu kožu, nježno utrljati i isprati vodom.

Kod pranja kose, utrljati na mokru kosu, utrljati u vlasište, pričekati 2-3 minute te temeljito isprati.

RESULT The soft, fragrant skin and hair!

Advice for health and beauty

This gentle natural formula can be used as a light shampoo for the whole family, or for the preparation of scented, relaxing bath!

Rose Bath 2u1Rose Bath 2u1Rose Bath 2u1

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