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Sensitive skin, hair

My skin does not tolerate anything. Whatever I apply, it reacts by becoming red and prickly. I do not know any more how to treat it.
Nikel 3-6-9 cream for sensitive skin
My skin is thin and fragile with visible capillaries.
Nikel Capillary Strenghtening Oil. Nikel Sensivital hydratant cream
Even if I apply my night cream, my skin prickles in the morning and feels uncomfortably tense. It is dry and prone to wrinkles.
Nikel Nutrivital or Nikel Nutris2
My skin is sensitive, thin and fragile, with visible capillaries. What kind of facial care is adequate for my skin, asks a reader from Zagreb.
Cleaning of sensitive skin. It would be best to clean the sensitive skin with products with natural herbal oils in order to regain its stirred up balance of lipids. Thus, you should thoroughly clean your face from dust and make up, without interrupting the hydro lipid protective barrier of skin. After cleaning, the sensitive skin should be tonified with a gentle tonic, without any excessive additions or alcohol. Sensitive skin care. For treatment of your face, use creams intended for sensitive skin. Before cream, apply to your face a few drops of a mixture of natural herbal oils (primrose, passion flower, jojoba, St. John's wort, almond...) that will renew the epidermis and allow the active components from the cream to enter into the deep layers of your skin. Those oils contain non-saturated oils, extremely important for preserving healthy, undamaged lipids barriers and their physiological function. The deficiency of these acids is found in cases of eczema. Because of the relatedness of these acids with the acids in our skin, they are completely built into the surface layers of the skin and they substitute their insufficientness. The creams for treatment of sensitive skin are not selected according to skin type (dry, oil, normal), what is used are hypoallergenic preparations with anti-inflammatory components and calming effects (chamomile, calendula, passion flower, evening primrose, sun flower, hop, wild chestnut, aloe. vitamin F, B-complex, d-panthenol).