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Small dictionary

(acne, Greek άκμή = peak) skin infection in the form of papules or pustules due to sebaceous glands and hair follicle infection.
(active shape – forma active, Lat. forma = form + Lat. activus = effective) 1. energy rich compound which starts a reaction or a series of reactions. 2. part of a macromolecule on which biological activity is performed, provided that the macromolecule acquires the shape necessary for the activity.
(allergia, Greek άλλος = other + Greek έργον = work) state of hyper-sensitivity to a certain antigen (allergen) as evidenced by altered reactivity and characteristic symptoms upon repeated exposure to that antigen (allergen).
(reaction allergica, Lat. re = back + Lat. ago(actum) = to act + Greek έργον = work) hypersensitive reaction of a body to an allergen; an immunologic reaction.
(eczema allergicum, Greek έκζεμα = rash + Greek άλλος = other + Greek έργον = work) rash as a form of allergic reaction.
(arthritis, Greek άρΰρον = joint + itis) joint inflammation (of one or several joints – monoarthritis, oligoarthritis, polyarthritis), can be acute, sub-acute or chronic; can be of various origins (infectious, rheumatic, etc.) and can exist by itself or within some other (general) disease.
(atopia, Greek ά = neg. prefix + Greek ποπος = place) genetic propensity for the development of various types (type I) of hyper-sensitivity related to the formation of high levels of IgE (immunoglobulin E).
(Greek ά = neg. prefix + Greek ποπος = place) diseases developed due to atopic allergy; they are evidenced by allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis, etc.
(dermatitis atopica, Greek δέρμα = skin + itis + Greek ά = neg. prefix + Greek τοπός = place) dermatitis as a result of an atopic reaction.