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(cellulitis, Lat. cellula = cell + itis) inflammation of diffuse subcutaneous connective tissue. In cosmetology: specific state of connective tissue characterised by chronic oedema; accumulation of gelatinous substances composed of fat, water and waste products in swollen, immovable pockets immediately under the skin.
polysaccharide composed of 3000 or more glucose units. The basic ingredient of plant cell walls and the most abundant organic compound in nature. Ingested with food, stimulates peristaltic and bowel movement.
(circulatio, Lat. circulatio = circling) circular motion, flow.
(syn. blackhead, mitesser comedo, Lat. comedo = eater) formation made of sebum and exfoliated epithelium cells that closes secretion channels of sebaceous glands.
(textus conjunctivus, Lat. textus = fabric, tissue + Lat. coniunctum = connected) type of supporting tissue composed of cells and connective fibres in a basic gelatinous substance infiltrated by tissue fluid.