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Martina Furdek

The Acne Fighting Cream with tea-tree suits me very well (I'm buying it for the third time).

Ana Paurac

I use the Anti-Wrinkle Cream with carnosine, Hand Cream, sun milk Silky Sun F30 and After Sun Oil. My skin is extra nourished and finally isn't tight anymore. It feels really good!

Ivana Parašilovac

The Acne Fighting Cream with tea-tree removed all my pimples in two days. The cream with orange hydrates perfectly. The Moisturising Eye Cream is too mild for me. The Aloe Vera Gel is perfect after depilation.

Borka Rebić

After using the Sensivital cream, my capillaries are no longer dilated.

Dijana Banek

I tried the Wild Rose Oil, Anti-Wrinkle Elixir, Rich Cream with passion flower and Anti-Freckles Cream with daisy. After using these Nikel products, the tightening feeling disappears and the products have a long-term effect.

Ivana Gojnić

Acne Fighting Cream with tea-tree! I finally found the ideal cream for my skin.

Tajana Margeta

Sun milk Silky Sun F30 - out of all of the sun products used, this has been the best and the most pleasant.

Sanda Črnko

Your oils are genius. I am extremely satisfied.

Maja Grahovac

Excellent results after using Nikel products. I tried: Hydrating Cream, exfoliant, Hydrating Mask, Face Wash Gel, Ivy Oil, Eye Cream, rose oil, Anti-Cellulite Concentrate.

Ana Grubišić

I am very satisfied with the probiotic cream. It nurtures, reduces irritation and makes the skin soft and smooth.

Lana Landeka

I tried the Coconut Butter, Acne Fighting Cream with tea-tree and Lavender Tonic. I'm very satisfied. Everything is really great.

Sandra Milovec

I tried both body and facial products. I finally found products that were efficient and in my price range.

Kristina Gjoni

My skin cleared up. It looks fresher and younger.

Kristina Koščević

I tried and am still using the Nikel tonic, Hydrating Cream with orange, Acne Fighting Cream with tea-tree, Anti-Cellulite Concentrate, Anti-Stretch Mark Milk, Hand Cream with panthenol and Eye Oil. My skin is clear. I am very satisfied.

Vlasta Tomek

I am using the Nikel Anti-Wrinkle Elixir, Anti-Wrinkle Serum Eye and Lip Contour, face and neck anti-wrinkle cream, cream with daisy, Coconut Butter... My skin is nourished. I am very satisfied.

Vesna Bučić

Diagnosis: neurodermatitis, seborrhoeic, treated for years with Oronazol and Betrion without results, kept appearing. It completely withdrew thanks to the Nikel Acne Fighting Cream with tea-tree. I am extremely satisfied. The cream doesn't leave greasy re

Biserka Marčetić

NIKEL products - simply perfect products!!!

Lada Lukić Bilela

My skin condition (rosacea) greatly improved after applying Nikel Evening Primrose Oil and Cream with Parsley.

Mia Lukić

Gel with hamamelis and Lavender Tonic - I'm completely satisfied.

Jasmina Zelenkorid

I use the Nikel probiotic cream and Cream with Parsley. Very efficient, no contraindications.

Lana Milčec

Excellent cosmetics, completely suited to my skin type, affordable price, Croatian product!

Ana Klarić

The Anti-Wrinkle Elixir and Eye Serum with green apple stem cells have the same (better, actually) effect as the top world brands!

Željka Vujin

Nikel does wonders for my skin. I cannot imagine my life without the Rose Tonic, Lip Balm and Hydrating Cream with orange. My complexion has visibly improved!!!!!

Jane Beljo

I LOVE the Coconut Butter! :)

Ljiljana Novosel

Since I started using Nikel products, my skin has been supple and looking better than ever! Thank you so much.

Diana Borovic- Allen

Fantastic products, top quality, visible results.

Željana Beusan

Love Nikel ♥

Mark Doroti

Perfect Shaving Balm... shaving perfection for the toughest beard :-) kudos for this product, no more ingrown hairs or irritations...:-) those who don't believe it can have photographic proof :-)) Need to try the After Shave Balm now..

Sanja Ivetić

The Hydrating Cream with tea-tree and Anti-Stretch Mark Milk (with wheat) are exceptionally good. I recommend them to everyone that loves a quality natural product.

Branka Fresl

I finally found a face cream that suits me perfectly :)

Magda Miloglav

I have been using your products since you started making them. Everything is great, facial, body....

Zrinka Šporičić

Excellent natural cosmetics. I definitely recommend them.

Renata Oštarić

Hello everyone! I discovered Nikel only recently and I was literally blown away. Slowly but steadily, I replaced all my cosmetics with Nikel. I'm finally completely satisfied with everything.