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widened pores

Pores are actually places where ducts of sebaceous glands come to the surface. With increased work of sebaceous glands leading to the appearance of widened pores, which if clogged, can cause blackheads or pimples.

For a radiating complexion start your care against widened pores with Face Wash Gel with hamamelis. Finish the cleansing with Lavender Tonic to prevent drying of your skin. For everyday care use Cream with tea-tree, and for night care apply 2 drops of Evening Primrose Oil before applying the cream. Once a week exfoliate with Mild Exfoliant with olive tree. NEW! Soon you will have the opportunity to try out our new Nikel product - Serum against widened pores with grapes, an effective matting skin cleanser that reduces pores and shine!

Some of the products for this condition and problem:

Cream with Tea-Tree

Authentic cosmetics for combination and oily skin
Face Wash Gel

Authentic cosmetics with Hamamelis
Lavender Tonic

Authentic cosmetics alcohol free; for combination and oily skin
Evening Primrose Oil

Authentic cosmetics for dehydrated skin; 100 % natural, preservative free