💛 New SILKY collection - NATRUE certified 💛 💛
💛 New SILKY collection - NATRUE certified 💛 💛


Traditional pharmaceutical recipes and innovative active complexes, with proven and dermatologically confirmed effects.

Perfect synergy for the perfect product.


Everything our body needs on the “inside” to be strong and for our skin to be beautiful and healthy will be equally effective when applied on the “outside”, in the form of a skincare product.

However, large molecules, which are efficient when taken as food, such as royal jelly or vitamin C, cannot penetrate through the skin when applied to its surface.

Pharmacy deals with the question of how to turn a large molecule into an effective small molecule, which can easily penetrate the surface layer of the skin, as well as with how to retain the active component and gradually release it over time.

Nature’s Best

In addition to the fragrant world of plants, there are also complexes such as plant stem cells for preserving the skin stem cells, plant-derived ceramides for retaining moisture, hyaluronic acid for moisturising deep layers of the skin, royal jelly in shea butter drops for providing new energy to skin cells, snow algae for activating the youth gene, and Swiss glacier water incapsulated in liposomes for gradual release and 24-hour hydration.

Research, Development, Mission

Constant search for the perfect, most effective ingredients. Research into their structure and effects.

Dermatological tests carried out on the skin before and after the use of a product. Never-ending research and the quest for better, the best, and finally, the creation of products with extraordinary effects.

Innovation and Awards

Our long-term work has been widely recognised and awarded with 50 international gold medals for innovation (USA, UK, Asia, Russia, and throughout the EU).

We are especially proud of the gold medal and CERTIFICATE OF THE GLOBAL ECOLOGY FUND.

In addition to that, we receive positive ratings and comments from our customers.

Nikel innovation and awards

Our Creation

Dermatologically tested, pure skincare with no unnecessary additives to minimise the risk of allergic reactions, which is at the same time highly effective thanks to innovative active ingredients which target the skin’s specific needs.

Brand Nikel


Recognisable products.

Pharmacist formulated skincare.

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