💛 New SILKY collection - NATRUE certified 💛 💛
💛 New SILKY collection - NATRUE certified 💛 💛

Delivery and Claims

Delivery and Claims

Delivery and Terms of Delivery

a) The costs of delivery are automatically calculated when ordering the product and you will receive an invoice with the price of purchased products and the delivery costs.

b) Basic delivery within the Republic of Croatia is free regardless of the weight, volume, or the buyer’s address. There may be additional costs for paying with cash on delivery or using expedited shipping.

c) The deadline for delivering products which are listed as in stock within Croatia is 1-7 business days from completing the order, in accordance with the delivery deadlines of Croatian Post, Overseas, and other delivery services.

d) The deadline for delivering products to addresses in areas with a special delivery regime can be 2-4 business days longer, in accordance with the delivery deadlines of Croatian Post, Overseas, and other delivery services.

e) In the event of a change to the delivery deadline or any other circumstance important for the completion of the order, the buyer will be notified immediately by our customer service.

Claims and Complaints

The ordered products are packaged in such a way that they will not be damaged by normal handling during transport/delivery. We pack and additionally protect each product with specialised transport packaging. Therefore, your order is safe and will arrive in good/undamaged condition.

The buyer must check the parcel packaging when receiving it. If the parcel packaging is visibly damaged, we recommend that the buyer decline its receipt as there is a possibility that the product inside is damaged. If you decline the receipt, the delivery service will file a Damage Record and return the parcel to Priroda liječi d.o.o. with a note that the parcel is damaged.

Claims related to product damage and all other complains can be submitted in writing via email or post:

to the email address: info@nikel.com.hr,

to the address: Priroda liječi d.o.o., Vlaška 40, 10000 Zagreb.

In the event of a rightful claim, it is possible to terminate the contract and receive a refund or a replacement of the product with the same product or another product of the same value, as well as a with a product of a different value with an additional fee or a partial refund if necessary. If the delivered goods are damaged and/or defective, the buyer must send a photograph of the claim to info@nikel.com.hr in order to accept the claim on the basis of subsequent physical proof. Priroda liječi collects damaged, defective, or erroneously shipped goods at its own expense if it is found that the claim is justified and that the buyer did not cause the defect, damage, or any other imperfection of the goods. In the event of a rightful claim within the deadlines defined by the Civil Obligations Act, Priroda liječi d.o.o. will bear the total cost of replacing the product with a new one.

In the event of a dispute regarding the rightfulness of the claim and/or the authenticity of the product, and if the buyer believes, in his subjective opinion, that he did not receive an adequate product and/or service, it is common business practice to report the case to a competent institution. The appropriate official authorities shall then carry out all necessary inspections in order to determine its validity and compliance with relevant laws. Once a decision is made, both parties, the buyer and the seller, receive a specified record. This official record created by an independent authority is considered valid and sufficient for the conclusion of the claims process.