💛 New SILKY collection - NATRUE certified 💛 💛
💛 New SILKY collection - NATRUE certified 💛 💛

Cream with Daisy

refreshes. regenerates. lightens pigmentation spots.

Cream with Daisy against pigmentation spots

Prevents the appearance of pigmentation spots and evens out skin tone in pigmentation disorders.

50 ml

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The perfect hydrating cream you will truly fall in love with! Targeted effect that restores radiance to the skin, reduces the visibility of pigmentation and dark spots, and fights wrinkles.

  • lightens pigmentation spots and prevents them from appearing 
  • evens out skin colour
  • restores the epidermis
  • refreshing, hydrating

It does not make the skin thinner and improves its texture. It has a synergistic effect, prepares the skin for optimal product absorption, prevents pigmentation, and protects from external aggressors which cause hyperpigmentation.

Health and beauty advice

For a boosted effect against hyperpigmentation, apply our Serum with Daisy before the cream. The Cream and the Serum with Daisy can be used even during the summer months (the products are not photosensitive). Always start your skincare routine with NiKEL Energising Tonic with green apple plant stem cells which will boost your skin’s protection against environmental factors.


For day and night care, apply our Cream with Daisy to the face, neck and décolletage. For maximum effect, apply NiKEL Serum with Daisy before the cream. For night care, apply a few drops of NiKEL Evening Primrose Oil before the cream. It can be used even during the summer on sunny days, which is not possible with regular products for lightening pigmentation spots.


A radiant and even complexion. Refreshed, hydrated skin. Lightened discolouration, blemishes and hyperpigmentation spots: sun spots, pregnancy pigmentation, age spots and blemishes, as well as spots and blemishes resulting from acne.

Complete your skincare

Serum with Daisy against pigmentation spots 19,78 €
149,03 kn
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Intensively reduces the visibility of brown, hyperpigmentation spots.
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A mild exfoliant suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

User experiences

The best cream I've used ... not so much for hyperpigmentation, I don't have much of it, but the skin looks so fresh and younger than when I use it. Lately, many are saying how beautiful my complexion is. Delighted !!

Gentle, silky texture, beautiful scent, after use the skin is soft and fresh. I use it primarily because of the hyperpigmentation spots and in combination with the serum it proved to be very effective, the stains are paler, the complexion is beautiful. Warm recommendation!

I use the cream in combination with daisy serum and these are the only products that have helped me in a short time

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