Coconut Butter

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Coconut Butter with Carrot

Skincare for the whole family – protects and nourishes, and provides a longer-lasting deep tan.

240 ml

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Coconut Butter with Carrot is a natural and preservative-free balm rich in natural oils and vitamins which can protect and nourish even the most sensitive skin. It provides a rejuvenating, regenerating and soothing effect. Naturally protects the skin from harmful UV rays, speeds up tanning, for a longer lasting tan.

  • protection during sun exposure
  • relaxing and soothing after sun exposure
  • protects the skin from premature aging
  • soothes the skin
  • everyday skincare for the whole family, all year round


Health and beauty advice:

A regenerating balm for the entire family, for adults as well as children. Everyday skincare for the whole family, all year round


Apply the balm before, during and after sun bathing. Use it year round to soothe the skin on your body and face.


Refreshed, protected, soothed, soft and glowing skin. Natural skin protection from harmful UV rays, faster tanning and a deep longer-lasting tan. Provides protection during sun exposure, relaxes and soothes the skin after exposure to the sun.

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