Immortelle BIO Elixir

enchanting. soothing. 100% natural.

Immortelle BIO Elixir anti-wrinkle care

A heavenly elixir for a wonderful feeling on the skin.


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A 100% natural elixir made from immortelle, mandarin orange and orange essences as well as cold-pressed jojoba, passion flower and virgin olive oils, natural vitamin E and beta-carotene for radiant and regenerated skin.


Health and beauty advice:

For a full aromatherapy experience, rub a few drops of the elixir between your palms to warm it up. Bring your palms close to your face and inhale deeply the intoxicating fragrance of immortelle. Gently apply the warm elixir to your face and enjoy the sensation!


Gently apply a few drops of this heavenly concentrate to your face before cream.


A wonderful feeling on the skin. Uncomfortable skin tightness disappears. Smooth, glowing and soothed skin.

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