Rose Tonic

refreshes. soothes. relaxes.

Rose Tonic alcohol free

For refreshing and re-energising your skin. Neutralises the effects of hard water.

200 ml

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Rose Tonic with organic rose. Mild, alcohol-free tonic which brings freshness and new energy to your skin.

  • refreshes
  • soothes
  • suitable as a compress for tired eyes


Health and beauty advice:

Soak a cotton pad with a few drops of NiKEL Rose Tonic and apply the compress to tired eyes. You will be amazed by the results after just 10 minutes.


Use the mild, alcohol-free Rose Tonic every day after cleansing milk for a soothing, toning and refreshing effect. If you wash your skin with water, apply this tonic afterwards to neutralise the effects of hard water that can dry out the skin.


Clean and refreshed skin ready for further skincare steps. Can be used as an eye compress to soothe tired eyes.

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