Sun and Skin Can Work Together

Even if you are allergic to the sun – NiKEL products let you relax and enjoy the summer.


Sun and Skin Can Work Together

Even if you are allergic to the sun – NiKEL products let you relax and enjoy the summer.


7 gold medals for the NiKEL UV protection line with plants and antioxidants which regenerate, soothe, and protect the skin from premature aging at product innovation exhibitions in America, Asia, the UK, and the EU.

Why? Because of the ingredients used and its effectiveness.

Thanks to 100% natural and complementary ingredients, such as extra-virgin olive oil, BIO carrot, sesame, sweet almond and sunflower oil, cocoa, coconut and shea butter, BIO vitamin E from wheat germ... If you have ever experienced a sun allergy, these products are the perfect solution. And your skin – despite exposure to the sun, will remain silky smooth and beautiful with no dryness.

NiKEL® philosophy is encapsulated in what’s “ON THE OUTSIDE” and “ON THE INSIDE”.

Pharmacists know what the body needs to be strong, and for your skin to glow. Pharmacy and cosmetology are connected and intertwined – any plant which has a specific effect on the body will have the same effect on the skin. In other words, everything that works from the inside if taken as food or a pharmaceutical preparation also works on the outside when applied to the skin. This is the principle on which I choose NiKEL product ingredients.

My UV protection products contain plants and antioxidants which regenerate, soothe, and protect the skin from premature aging when INGESTED and have the same effect when applied to the skin on the OUTSIDE.


COCOA The Latin name of this tree is Theobroma cacao, which means “the food of the gods”. The Mayans were the first to use the fruit of the cocoa tree to produce the delicious drink called chocolate. ON THE OUTSIDE It is one of the best products of nature for nourishing skin before sunbathing (as preparation), during sunbathing (protects the skin and accelerates tanning), and after sunbathing (for elasticity, soothing, and refreshing the skin). It is instantly absorbed by the skin. Reduces skin dryness and improves elasticity.

SHEA BUTTER This African tree produces very tasty nuts. In addition to a balanced ratio of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, preventing the loss of moisture from the skin, it also contains proteins, minerals, and vitamins A and E. ON THE OUTSIDE It has anti-inflammatory properties. Regulates moisture within the skin and regenerates the hydrolipidic protective layer, preventing transepidermal loss of water from deep layers of the skin.

BETA-CAROTENE is a pigment which the body uses to create vitamin A, the most important vitamin for healthy and beautiful skin.

SESAME Rich in vitamins and minerals, in the countries where it was farmed it has, since ancient times, been considered to have medicinal properties as well as to be an aging inhibitor. Activates hormones in the skin and boosts the immune system. ON THE OUTSIDE Regenerates the skin, makes it appear more youthful, smooths wrinkles and scars, helps diminish stretch marks caused by pregnancy or sudden weight loss. Soothes burns.

SUNFLOWER OIL is rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids and contains a high concentration of vitamin E. ON THE INSIDE Together with other vitamins soluble in fat, such as vitamin A, the body needs it to keep the skin and mucous membranes healthy, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties. ON THE OUTSIDE Due to these fats being similar to the fats in our skin, they fully integrate into the surface layers of the skin and substitute for any lack of them. They have anti-inflammatory, healing, and regenerating properties. Latest research discovered that sunflower contains ceramide which is identical to ceramide VI found in human skin. Ceramides keep moisture inside the skin and prevent its loss from deeper layers.

ALMOND The most alkaline, the healthiest, and the most wholesome nut, just like apple among fruit. It is rich in vitamin E, B-complex vitamins, and numerous minerals. ON THE OUTSIDE It reduces skin irritation, itchiness, redness, and inflammation. It functions as natural sun protection, filtering an average of 25% of sunrays. It nourishes and hydrates the skin as well as improves its elasticity, so it is useful in treating scars and stretch marks.

OLIVE According to Greek mythology, the city of Athens was named after the goddess Athena, who created the most beautiful gift to the human race, the olive tree. It has always been and still is a symbol of fertility, longevity, and immortality, as an olive tree can live for more than 1500 years. Its oil is a concentrated source of beneficial unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, and polyphenols. ON THE OUTSIDE For dehydrated, sensitive, and inflamed skin. It acts as a natural protection factor, reflecting around 25% of sunrays.

COCONUT The basic ingredient of coconut oil is lauric acid, which increases immunity. The only other source of lauric acid is breast milk! This valuable ingredient promotes the absorption of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. It significantly affects the skin’s appearance both ON THE INSIDE and ON THE OUTSIDE, hydrating, nourishing, soothing, and protecting it from harmful UV radiation.

VITAMIN E Its main role is antioxidative protection from the harmful effects of free radicals. OUTSIDE It neutralises the oxidation effect of UV rays on proteins and lipids in cell membranes as well as the creation of free radicals, which are an important factor contributing to premature aging. It has anti-inflammatory properties, diminishes erythema caused by sunbathing or harmful substances, and accelerates the regeneration of damaged cells, reducing the time needed for wounds to heal. It reduces transepidermal water loss, hydrates, and softens the skin. It has a regenerative effect on the skin, smooths wrinkles, and softens scars (even in surgical use).


Combine NiKEL Skincare products. REFRESH, HYDRATE, AND PROTECT YOUR SKIN The Alpine Rose Tonic with BIO hydrolate of rose petals and plant stem cells. PROTECTION Coconut Butter with Carrot and Silky Sun Sun Milk for children and adults.