💛 New SILKY collection - NATRUE certified 💛 💛
💛 New SILKY collection - NATRUE certified 💛 💛


plump. soft. supple.

Nikelbalm Intensive Lip Balm

This luxurious product for velvety soft and supple lips, with 100% natural ingredients, contains the essence of immortelle, a flower that never wilts.

15 ml

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Nikelbalm is a rich lip balm that protects, nourishes and cares for the most sensitive area of your skin – your lips, making them smooth and velvety soft.

  • protects
  • nourishes
  • makes lips appear fuller


Health and beauty advice

Use Nikelbalm for repairing minor cuts and sores (S.O.S.) on any part of the body! Apply Nikelbalm Lip Balm to any irritations or redness anywhere on your skin.


Apply a thin layer of balm to the lips. Nikelbalm is an all-natural product that protects and nourishes your lips, leaving them looking fuller.


Nourished, protected, velvety soft lips.

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