GIFT WITH A PURCHASE ABOVE 250 KN ● Rich Cream with Passion Flower ●
GIFT WITH A PURCHASE ABOVE 250 KN ● Rich Cream with Passion Flower ●

Probiotic Cream

regenerates. protects. nourishes.

Probiotic Cream for the regeneration of very damaged skin

This first Croatian Probiotic Cream is great for regenerating damaged skin.

50 ml

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NiKEL Probiotic Cream – the First Croatian Probiotic Cream! Contains milk protein which reduces the duration of inflammation and accelerates the skin’s physiological recovery.

  • damaged skin
  • flaking of the skin
  • seborrhoeic dermatitis
  • helps with the treatment of psoriasis
  • corticosteroid-free
  • dermatologically tested
  • for children and adults

Health and beauty advice

For a boosted effect, gently apply a few drops of Evening Primrose Oil before the cream. This cream is corticosteroid free, dermatologically tested and suitable for children and adults.


Apply a thin layer to damaged skin (face, hands or body) multiple times a day. It can also be applied to damaged mucous membranes. For children and adults. For children, apply a small amount of cream to the inner part of the child’s forearm, and if there is no reaction, slowly progress to applying it to other parts of the body and face. Can be used multiple times a day, as needed. Keep refrigerated.


Damaged skin is regenerated. The skin’s natural barrier is restored. The duration of inflammation is reduced. Rapid skin recovery.

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User experiences

This cream is the cure! She saved my 1.5-month old baby from a severe skin infection caused by hospital-acquired Staphylococcus aureus.

I have been fighting seborrhea for more than 25 years. I used various creams, but nothing. After a short time it would start to itch, I blushed and my whole face burned, characteristic of seborrhea. Then I had to save the thing with a medical cream that is currently improving the thing and should not be used for too long.  A month ago I had the worst phase since I can remember and I didn’t want to repeat the round and I decided to try this golden cream so whatever, neither the first nor the last time, but I was wrong. This fantastic work saved me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Skin condition (after an allergy of a couple of months) this cream solved the visible renewal in a few days. I recommend it to everyone who has the same or a similar problem because after visiting a dermatologist and using various creams I took matters into my own hands and thank God solved the problem (no redness and dried parts on the face). Thank you!

Excellent cream! I have contact dermatitis on my hands and this cream worked wonders in just a few days. It's great that it's not greasy and it absorbs great, and it smells good. Thank you very much :)

I have successfully treated flaky skin, I am very pleased!

The diagnosis for my skin is palmoplantar pustulosis (Pustulosis Palmoplantaris PPP). I have blisters on the palms of my hands that burst and are very painful. My quality of life is reduced because of that, especially since my profession is playing a musical instrument. I was patiently treated for 5 years with many preparations, to no avail, my palms never stopped being sick. I often felt like I had no fists. Then I came across Nikel Probiotic Cream. For the first time in many years, the skin is cleansed, the palms do not burn or itch. After 5 days of using Nikel Probiotic cream, the upper layers of the skin were removed, and new, young, healthy skin was formed on the middle part of the palms, which was especially damaged. After 20 days of using Nikel Probiotic cream, my palms are completely clean, they don't hurt or burn me, only a slight redness remains on them. I have no words to express my gratitude for this product that has brought my life back to normal. THANK YOU!


When my pimples pop, Probiotic cream calms me down, and Evening primrose oil is great for me.

The perfect cream! I recommend it to anyone who has problems with dermatitis.

Probiotic cream solved the problems of my problematic face (acne, pimples). I bought it again!

Within 30 days, psoriasis from the forehead and eyebrow area had receded. I bought the cream on the recommendation of your employee.

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