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American witch hazel

Hamamelis virginiana

It acts as an astringent (tightens tissue) and minimises pores.

American witch hazel is a shrub or small tree, originating from North America, where its bark and leaves were used by North American Indians a long time ago. Its active substances are essential oils without tannins, hamamelitannin, flavonoids (quercetin) and organic acids. It has been used since ancient times for regeneration of damaged or cut skin for strengthening micro-circulation (ulcus cruris – defective lower leg tissue), varicose veins, haemorrhoids, muscular rheumatism and neuralgia.


It acts as an astringent (tightens tissue), provides haemostatis (stops bleeding) and has anti-inflammatory characteristics. American witch hazel is now commonly used to treat haemorrhoids, bruises, swellings, minor injuries and in lotion form for the eye area and soothing creams. It has a soothing (diminishes redness), firming and refreshing effect on the skin and minimises pores.

Some of the products containing this natural ingredient:

Face Wash Gel

Authentic cosmetics with Hamamelis
10,00 kn
Face Wash Gel

Authentic cosmetics for men
10,00 kn