Cleansing is the first basic step of any skincare routine. Only clean skin can absorb the precious ingredients of skincare products. In addition to cleansing, don’t forget to exfoliate and apply a face mask once a week.

NiKEL cleansing products with carefully selected plant extracts and essences, and no mineral oils or alcohol, leave the skin feeling refreshed, soothed, and ready for the rest of your routine. The choice of product depends on your skin’s needs. Face Wash Gel with Hamamelis is ideal for oily skin. Rose Bath is a great cleanser for the sensitive skin of both the face and body. Cleansing Milk with Immortelle for sensitive and dry skin. Cleansing Milk with Orange for combination and normal skin. If your skin likes oil, the HYALURON+E VITAMIN Cleansing Oil is an excellent choice. Finish cleansing and toning your skin with HYALURON+B VITAMIN Cleansing Lotion for dehydrated skin, Rose Tonic for dry skin, or Lavender Tonic for combination and oily skin.