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Control 365 Undo Age Cream with Snow Algae

Snow alga – the key to skin longevity – protect and activates the longevity gene

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This innovative anti-aging active ingredient is based on the extract of the unique snow alga that has managed to develop a strategy for surviving in extreme conditions on glaciers and permanent snow. On a cellular level, snow alga protects and activates two key factors, the Klotho gene for longevity and the AMPK energy sensor, which together improve the cell defence system, oxidative resistance to stress, detoxification, and cell repair.

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The anti-aging effect was confirmed by MRM proteomic technology (large-scale experimental protein analysis).


Take control – activate the longevity gene in your skin.


The results are collagen production as well as the reactivation and rejuvenation of the skin’s epidermal functions. Skin becomes fresh, hydrated, smooth and detoxified, while damage, such as age spots, becomes less visible.

Discover the main ingredients and learn about the innovative approach to skincare “inside and out”

Complete your skincare

For an outstanding anti-wrinkle effect, start your skincare routine with Alpine Rose Tonic. Press the spray pump and apply Alpine Rose Tonic to cleansed skin. Gently apply a few drops of Anti-Wrinkle Elixir. Finally, apply Control 365 Undo Age cream. Enjoy the results!

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