💛 New SILKY collection - NATRUE certified 💛 💛
💛 New SILKY collection - NATRUE certified 💛 💛

Hyaluron+C+E Vitamin

fresh. plump. firm.

Hyaluron+C+E Vitamin Cream

Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, which is important for maintaining a youthful appearance of the skin and delaying the signs of aging, such as wrinkles.

50 ml

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23,89 €
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A combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and phytoceramides in the form of liquid crystals ensures antioxidant photoprotection, intensive hydration and smoothed wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid fills the cells with moisture. Provides the skin with an exceptional feeling of freshness, fullness and firmness. Vitamin C is encapsulated in liposomes, which enables it to penetrate deep into the skin, stimulating the production of collagen, a protein which makes the skin appear fuller and firmer. Vitamin E limits chronic damage from UV rays by neutralising free radicals. For all skin types and ages.

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Vitamin C is encapsulated in liposomes. This natural system enables it to effortlessly penetrate the surface layer of the skin, allows it to be released over a longer period of time and increases its effectiveness. Dermatologically tested.


For day and night care.


Hydrated, fresh and radiant skin. Reduced wrinkles.

Discover the main ingredients and learn about the innovative approach to skincare “inside and out”

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Hyaluron+A+E Vitamin Eye Balm 139,99 kn
18,58 €
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A rich balm for the most intense effect on wrinkles and dryness of the eye area.
Hyaluron+A Vitamin Night Cream 179,99 kn
23,89 €
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A rich and soothing cream for dry and very dry skin.
Hyaluron+C+E+B Vitamin Serum 199,99 kn
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Intensive revitalising serum for all skin types.

User experiences

Delighted. Hyaluron C + E cream, wild rose oil. I only recently heard about Nikel cosmetics and decided to buy these two products. Not tested on animals, quality ingredients and more Croatian products. I will definitely buy more products. In store didn’t have a Nikelhydris Moisturizer Eye Cream Tester, so when I find it I will put it on my shopping list.

My skin is soft. Perfect for make-up. I'm just happy.

I am most satisfied with the Hyaluronic line. My skin is hydrated, it gives me enough moisture. I am very satisfied. Everything is great for me.

I use the Rose tonic only of all the tonics. Hyaluron oil perfectly cleanses my make-up. Hyaluron C + E cream perfectly hydrates my face. When I get allergies and rashes from other creams, I always come back to Nikel.

I use Hyaluron cream for the day and Hyaluron cream for the night, and Eye Oil. I am satisfied and coming back again!

My skin is nourished and soft. Before the cream I put evening primrose oil and notice the radiance of the skin!

The best cream so far! It smells wonderful, has a perfect texture and my skin has improved elasticity.

The only cream whose scent doesn't bother me is also very good for my face.

I became a big fan of Nikel cosmetics because after many years I finally found everything that suits my skin perfectly!

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