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Lavandula officinalis - Lavandula angustifolia

The word lavender is derived from the word lavare – meaning to wash.

It was the favoured ingredient of Romans in their ritual baths. Romans and Greeks used to burn lavender twigs in their rooms to protect themselves from illness. Lavender oil is produced by steam distillation. The main component of lavender is linalool. The essential oil is transparent with a light green-yellow colour, and it is one of the mildest essential oils yet the one with the strongest healing abilities.


Lavender enhances the effectiveness of every oil it is mixed with. It is the only essential oil mild enough to be applied directly to the skin for first aid, for example in the case of minor burns. It stimulates tissue renewal and has an excellent healing effect on allergies, irritations, eczema and dermatitis.

Some of the products containing this natural ingredient:

Face Wash Gel

Authentic cosmetics with Hamamelis
10,00 kn
Anti-Cellulite Oil

Authentic cosmetics with Grapefruit; 100 % natural, preservative free
15,00 kn
Lavender Tonic

Authentic cosmetics alcohol free; for combination and oily skin
13,00 kn

Authentic cosmetics Shampoo for oily and sensitive scalp with Tea-Tree, Juniper and Lavender
12,50 kn