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Tea tree

Malaleuca alternifolia

Tea tree is one of the oldest medicines known to mankind.

However, it was the English sailor Captain James Cook who spread the news about this miraculous tree. In 1770, upon his arrival to New Zealand he noticed that Maoris pressed leaves of a certain tree and used them as compresses on wounds and open sores or were making extracts to cure colds, bladder problems or to cure insomnia. He named the plant “tea tree” and although the plant is not related to the tea plant, the name is still being used today. The tea tree is small and bushy with lanceolate leaves. Oil is obtained by distillation of the leaves and twigs. Tea tree was distilled for the first time in 1925 and became a universal medicine with multiple uses: treating infant seborrhoea and baby rash, insect bites, open sores and acne, chicken pox, eczema, warts, fungus, and it was also used in surgical procedures and for wound treatment.


Tea tree is one of the oldest medicines known to mankind. Its curing force comes from the unique combination of active substances against fungus, bacteria and viruses. There is no other plant today nor any synthetic means that simultaneously affect all three of the mentioned groups. Due to its very complex chemical structure, it is almost impossible for micro-organisms to become resistant to tea tree. It has been proven that tea tree oil contains almost 100 organic compounds, with four special substances that are rarely found in nature: viridian fluoride, beta-terpinol, L-terpinol and allylhexaonate. For now, it is impossible to reproduce it.

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