💛 New SILKY collection - NATRUE certified 💛 💛
💛 New SILKY collection - NATRUE certified 💛 💛

Control 365 Insert Aqua

refresh. hydrate. rejuvenate.

Control 365 Insert Aqua Cream with Swiss Glacier Water

Crystal clear Swiss glacier water for freshness, smoothness and perfect harmony with skin.

50 ml

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24-hour refreshing hydration with Swiss glacier water encapsulated in liposomes. For extremely fresh, balanced and rejuvenated skin. The crystal clear Swiss glacier water, with its unique synergy of minerals and lecithin molecules that transport moisture to the deeper layers of the epidermis, works in perfect harmony with the skin, leaving it fresh and smooth.

Health and beauty advice

Whether you have dry, combination or oily skin, hydration always comes first. The water content in the skin gradually decreases from the deeper layers to the surface, from 80% in the dermis to 13% in the surface layer. To ensure good skin function, it is important to maintain the water content in each of its layers.


Take control and restore crystal freshness to your skin with crystal clear Swiss glacier water.


Hydration for beautiful and youthful-looking skin. The result of using this outstanding hydrating cream is fresh, balanced and rejuvenated skin.

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User experiences

Best of all, for my very sensitive skin that is always missing something. I don't have enough words of praise. Well done Nikel!

I love this cream!


With this cream, I use evening primrose oil and eye oil. My skin has become brighter and softer! I am very satisfied.

I finally found the perfect cream! Extremely hydrating, and non-homogeneous, perfect texture. I have combination and dehydrated facial skin that results in dryness on oily or combination skin cosmetics, and often reacts to dry / dehydrated skin creams by breaking out pimples as a result of clogging pores or simply “lying down” on the skin without visible hydration. I’ve tried all sorts of textures and uses, from well-known pharmacy brands, through acclaimed natural to ultra-expensive acclaimed ones, tired of studying ingredients, researching, and wasting money. Although I have known about this brand for a long time, I have not tried their products until recently. Very little information and product reviews can be found online (by which I choose what to buy, given the sea of ​​brands and products today) and I think that given the quality and the huge rewards there is not enough media attention. I'm sorry I didn't decide to try your cosmetics before. In addition to this cream, I must also praise evening primrose oil, which I sometimes use before, and an eye serum with an ideal mild texture. I warmly recommend all three products to girls / women reading these reviews.

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