Evening Primrose Oil

velvety. soft. glowing.

Evening Primrose Oil for dehydrated skin

Restores the surface layer of the skin and prevents dehydration.

30 ml

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For sensitive, dehydrated skin as well as for skin redness, flaking and spots. Its ingredients make it suitable for both dry and oily skin. A 100% natural concentrate for dehydrated skin with BIO evening primrose, passion flower, jojoba, sweet orange, rosemary and vitamin E from wheat germ. Your skin will start to glow and become velvety soft with just a few drops of this energising concentrate. Has an anti-inflammatory and healing effect.

  • soothes sensitive skin prone to redness
  • restores the protective surface barrier
  • locks in moisture
  • effective against wrinkles


Health and beauty advice:

For maximum results, always apply a few drops of this concentrate before applying your cream. Its main task is to regenerate the surface layer of the skin and prevent dehydration.


Gently apply a few drops of this concentrate to the face and neck. Then apply your cream. Sensitive and dehydrated skin, redness, flaking and spots require special care.


The skin is soothed and protected from environmental factors. Regenerated epidermis. Radiant complexion.

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