💛 New SILKY collection - NATRUE certified 💛 💛
💛 New SILKY collection - NATRUE certified 💛 💛

Lip Balm

velvety. soft. supple.

Lip Balm 100% natural

Royal care for velvety soft and supple lips.

12 ml

49,88 kn
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100% natural and preservative free, this rich lip balm nourishes, protects and cares for your lips, leaving them smooth and velvety soft.

Health and beauty advice

For dry lips, apply this balm multiple times a day. Use this lip balm to soothe any especially sensitive or irritated parts of the skin on your face or body. The skin will feel soothed instantly!


Apply a thin layer of balm to the lips.


Nourished, protected, velvety soft lips.

Complete your skincare

Eye and Lip Contour Balm with Almond 9,95 €
74,97 kn
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Instantly relaxed and soothed skin around the eyes.
Nikelbalm Intensive Lip Balm 25,88 €
194,99 kn
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This luxurious product for velvety soft and supple lips, with 100% natural ingredients, contains the essence of immortelle, a flower that never wilts.

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